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Enjoy different vape flavors whenever with multiple RUBI Pods. Did we mention non-spillable? The device is used electronically and charged and is used as a substitute for traditional cigarettes.

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Leak-proof RUBI Pods will have you wondering how Kandy Pens make it happen. Have smooth hits every puff with our ceramic plate and Japanese cotton. Also easy to clean up when refilling how great is that? Instead of inhaling smoke, the user inhales the vapor. It is often called an e-cigarette. These are activated by pressing a button. These are re-usable and look like traditional cigarettes. The health issues with vapors are uncertain, but they are less harmful than traditional cigarettes. But they also have harmful chemicals not found in tobacco. People who vape are more likely to pursue smoking. Most people start smoking, and it can be reduced gradually by shifting to vaping. On the contrary, people who start with vaping are more likely to begin smoking also. 


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Refillable Rubi pod


Refillable Rubi pod is the first-ever open system vaper used in the market. It can be refilled and used again. This refilling is one of the main noticeable things with a refillable Rubi pod. It has an amazing flavor and thickness compared with other vaping products. The life of the Rubi pod varies accordingly. It depends on the use of the pod. The more one uses it, the faster it is over. These refillable Rubi pods are plastic in substance and can last long. It can be refilled by removing the opening mouth and inserting liquid into it. First, only half is needed to fill, and later one can fill it fully, done to protect it from overfilling. A refillable Rubi pod generally can last from one to two weeks with daily usage. Clean a Rubi pod; it has to be soaked in vinegar and should be kept for drying for about 24 hours. 


There are many features to refillable Rubi pods. The first one is the refilling capability of the pod, which can be refilled after use. Usually, it takes one to two weeks for the Rubi pod to become empty, and after use, it can be refilled, a distinctive advantage of Rubi pods. 

Another feature is the color of the pods. There are different colors available in the market, and one can choose the color likes to use. These colors are highly attractive, and one can find his best suitable color.

There are two air holes on either side of the Rubi pod, which makes it easier for the air to come in, and this makes it easier for the Rubi pod to last longer. 

The Rubi pod is an easy and simple device to use and setup. There are no complications involved in setting up or using Rubi pod, and one can use it easily. Users only need to charge the battery and everything is ready to go. 


The major benefit associated with refillable Rubi pods is the refilling capability. Once finished, they can be reused and charged electrically, which makes them convenient and easy to use.

Refillable Rubi pods are easy to use. They can be accessed anytime without much effort. There is no hard action or effort required from the side of the user to use this.

The mouthpiece attached to the Rubi pod is a very effective way to reuse them. These mouth tops can be opened, and vape can be filled. These openings are big enough to intake vape and are a perfect fit for the vapers.


Many dealers provide refillable Rubi pods. The product is available in the market, and one needs to find the dealers who supply them. These products are now made available online, and users can buy them online. Many companies provide refillable Rubi pods both online and offline. Many offers and discounts are going on with these purchases. They can be bought in any number of quantities and colors. There is usually a wide range of collections to choose from, and one can get the one he wants. Purchasing is easy as they are available in many stores worldwide. The online market is growing day by day.  New establishments emerge in the market every day, and the competition is also high. Products that these companies offer also vary from one another. One has to choose the company to select the product.  


Vaping has harmful effects on the body. Vaping is a substitute for smoking, and there is not much difference in both. While vaping is less injurious than smoking, it certainly has side effects. People who vape are found to have shown serious side effects, and it is advised not to try vaping. Once started, it isn't easy to get rid of.   


Vaping is an electronic form of smoking in which the person uses an electronic device. These devices can be charged electronically and reused. In a refillable Rubi pod, they can be used from one week to two weeks. Usually, there is a mouth opening through which the liquid can be inserted and refilled.  Vaping claims to be less harmful to humans than traditional smoking but has its side effects. Different vaping products are available in the market, and all vary in their color and usage. Refillable Rubi pods are very famous and are available in different styles and colors. People who start with vaping are gradually found to start with smoking. People with smoking are advised to get into vaping gradually to stop smoking. Many companies provide vaping products, and they are available online too. Vaping is more convenient than traditional smoking. It is always advised not to vape as it has many side effects and is harmful to the body. 

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