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Are you a noobie to concentrate rigs? Higher Standards has you covered for those left in the dark with the starter rig.

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The Higher Standards Starter Kit is one of the most selected beginner items. These guys have done a great job on hooking you up with everything you need right out of the box. Not only do you get a sick 100% quartz banger you also get a silicon extracts container along with a premium quality dabber. Free shipping included as well!


It is time to be different in the queue as you use the Higher Standards Rig Kit for your vaping sessions.  Completely handmade for the connoisseurs of vaping, medical grade borosilicate is used to get some of the most potent dabs of the juice filtered through water. It is most compact in size, thick and durable and has the airtight seal to get the perfect taste of the fluid.  The wax container made of silicone has quad chambers helps to get the intense flavor retaining the ideal heat.  Cleaning the rig is quite easy and can be easily maintained. Get the perfect airflow for your waxy juices using this kit.

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