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Check out the latest Eyce Rig II looking very sleek and lightweight with its cured platinum silicone body. It even houses a storage container built into it.

  • Colors: Black, Gray, Red, Pink/Baby Blue, Blue/Green
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If you're looking for a dab rig that is easy to carry while always on the go the Eyce Rig II is a must-have, you will have peace at mind, knowing that it's almost impossible to break this rig. The flexible silicone body is flexible, durable, and heat-resistant. The 10mm nail is Titanium so good luck on breaking that piece as well. As well as coming with a dab nail it also comes with a dabber so you can fill one of your five-tool slots available on the base of the rig. The Eyce II Rig will be ready right out of the box!


If you are in vaping and enjoy some of the smooth and fresh ribs, then the Eyce Rig II is your pot.  With Platinum cured silicone and 10 mm Titanium nail that can reverse, it gives a unique experience while puffing. The design is such that and the material so robust it is virtually impossible to break even after falling from a height.  There is a built-in storage container to store your juice and five tool slots with a wand to heighten the vaping session. Do not compromise with the flavor and get the most of the juice feeling ecstatic anywhere anytime.

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