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Powerful hits of your favorite e-juice await with the KandyPens C-Box Pro. Fast charging battery will keep you able to vape any time of the day.

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KandyPens C-Box Pro Description

This vaporizer powered by a universal 510-threaded battery offering a solid 290mAh of power. The Kandy Pens C-box is another brilliant vaporizer allowing you to have full control and customization over your vaping experience through being able to fit tanks or prefilled cartridges up to 10.55mm. Furth more, this vaporizer allows you to adjust and vary your voltage, to help you manage and control the intensity of your flavor and clouds with a range of four different voltage settings (3.4V, 3.6V, 3.8V, 4.0V).

Is Kandy Pens C-box Pro is suitable for vaping?

If you want to enjoy an exotic flavor in vaping and trying to get some perfect strikes to your mouth from the taste, then you need to buy Kandy Pens C-Box Pro. This device is available to you in four colors, namely Red, Black, Silver, and Yellow.

About the product

Kandy Pens C-Box Pro is a small yet mighty vaporizer. In this, you can use thin oils, and this device is said to be improved. The pen has an open system along with Pods and Cartridges, and they are refillable as well. Many customers love the product as in this you can put the oil or liquid by yourself. The C-Box Pro means that you don’t have to go to buy the pre-filled closed system cartridges for your Kandy Pens C-Box to use this.

Why go for this product?

Well, if you have any question about why to prefer this, then this beautiful product comes with useful features in it. One of the most critical elements in it is it doesn’t have any leaking from the pods. Apart from those things, you also will not find any spit back via the mouth of the vaporizer. If you look inside the device, you will see that Kandy Pens C-Box Pro has got the best ceramic coil along with the heating element and Japanese cotton that is present around the coil loop. In this product, you will find the micro-USB port used for charging. The battery capacity of the vaporizer is just 280mAH. If you like to have a vaporizer which is of small size yet powerful to handle, then you need to go for this Kandy Pens C-Box Pro product. They are said to be the best product for you at an affordable price.

KandyPens C-Box Pro Stats

  • Colors: Black, Red, Silver, Yellow
  • Free Shipping
  • Safety First Designs

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