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Check out this down to earth dry herb vape. Simple to set up and use!

  • Colors: Maple, Cherry, Walnut
  • Free Shipping
  • Safety First Designs
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The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer implies a much efficient and simple to use vape of today's world. The vape is handmade with lifetime warranty. It has unique and artistic aesthetics with no cords or plugs. The vape provides fast heat-up time it takes about 5 seconds for heating. The small and discreet vape is featured with multiple designs and finishes. This all natural wood box vape will take the hearts of minimalists. One of the best parts to this handheld vape is that fact it doesn't need any plugs or cords. This discreet piece heats up in a crazy fast 5 seconds! Get vaping your favorite dry herb today.

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