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Looking for the latest DaVinci handheld dry herb vape? Look no farther we have it right here for you.

  • Colors: Blue, Olive, Gunmetal, Stealth
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The DaVinci IQ Vaporizer with new path technology lets you enjoy all flavors and aromas with temperature variation. The ceramic zirconia air path creates the best feeling for you by filtering all impurities having 51 LED dot display. The Heating Chamber is 100% Ceramic for delivering the most precise temperature. Enjoy a Bluetooth integration installed in it with replaceable 18650 battery. Get a great deal on this DaVinci IQ handheld vaporizer. This new product does it all. Not only does it have an excellent setting it has some fantastic parts as well. Ceramic heating chambers for great vaping and LED dot display are a must.


DaVinci IQ, a perfect vaporizer for you

In search of a vape machine? Da Vinci IQ is the latest and advanced vaper which is handheld. This machine is available in four color variants which include Olive, Blue, Gunmetal and Stealth. If you want to go for some delicious flavors and some sweet aromas that give with the variation of temperature, then you can go for this device.  


How does this work?

Da Vinci IQ is a type of device which has got ceramic zirconia air path. This system is said to help the machine to have the best of the flavor for you, and it helps in filtering the impurities too by going for 51 LED dot display. The chamber in which the heating takes place made of 100 percent Ceramic. Apart from that all, this machine is said to become with the Bluetooth feature in it. The vape machine too has got a replaceable 18650 battery. If you want to enjoy some of the best vaping experience by sitting at anywhere and at any time, then you need to go for Da Vinci IQ. 


What about the mouthpiece of this device?

If you go for any of the vape machines, then you will see that the main thing that the customers see in this is the mouthpiece. If you look at the Da Vinci IQ mouthpiece, then you can have a very delicious and class of purity for the flavor. The mouth-piece made of 100 percent ceramic material which allows the user to draw the purest form of vapor through this vaporizer. The feeling that this vaporizer provides to your mouth will give you a taste like never before, and you will never get any of this kind of experience through another vaporizer. If you want to enjoy the real experience of vaping, then get your hands on this product at an affordable price for you. With this, you can also get some freebies from the company too as a goodwill gesture. 

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