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350mAh Kandy Pen battery with USB charger adapter. Comes in three colors black, red and white. Also has three voltage settings 3.7v, 3.9v, 4.1v. Zen mode and 510 threading.

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The KandyPens 350mAh battery is giving you power in your pocket for the efficient charging of vape. This 350mAh battery has variable voltages which can be adjusted with buttons and sesh mode. The battery is much small so that it can easily fit in your pocket. The ultra-compact battery is featured with USB charging. The battery has 510 threading vapes. 


 This Kandy Pen Battery 350mAh for sale works great for wax or oil.  We offer top of the line vapes at affordable prices and carry many of the Kandy pens. Kandy Pen Battery 350mAh is the slim and powerful vape pen you've have been asking for. The 510 threading is universal when it comes to cartridges so you won't have any worries there. On top of that this vaping beast has three temperature settings. After pressing the button 5 times (to turn it on/off) press 3 times to change the glowing light from green (low setting) to blue ( med setting) or red ( high setting). Also has a zen mode (press button twice) that heats the coil automatically for passing around or hit after hit easily. The Kandy Pen Battery 350mAh offers an easy elegant way to vape. Once its time for a charge just attach your USB charger and plug into your closest USB port. In no time you will be back to vaping your favorite stuff!

Question: How do I charge the Kandy Pen Battery 350mAh? 
Answer: This pen comes with a USB charger.

Question: What do I do if the Kandy Pen Battery 350mAh breaks? 
Answer: There is a lifetime warranty on all Kandy pen batteries so just contact them for replacement.

Question: How long does the Kandy Pen Battery 350mAh last after charging? 
Answer: 45 minutes of continuous use.

Question: How many mah does this have? 
Answer: This Kandy pen battery has 350mAh.

     Changing an attachment is a simple as turning up the radio. All you have to do is unscrew your cartridge or tank and screw on the new one. The 510 threading that makes your attachments tight and secures also make your selection on tanks and cartridge enormous. This specific vape pen happens to be one of few that have such a high wattage. Usually, vape pens of this size and threading are only half as strong. You will really be getting more bang for your buck. Who doesn't want that? Get your hands on this ultra sleek device that comes in many colors.

How Is Vaping With The 350mAh Kandy Pen??

     Vaping with this pen is smooth and cool. The 350mAh's of power heat e-liquid or wax oils on a coil or ceramic plate at low temps. These low temps allow you to taste lots of flavor in your e-liquids.

Why Switch?

     One reason so many people are switching to these vapes and e-cigs is the reliability of them especially the products above. Even your favorite artists use Kandy Pens like French Montana just to name one. 

What Threading Does This Vape Have?


You will be pleased to know almost all of our vape pen collection including Kandy Pens is 510 threading. This is the universal threading you will need to find attachments for your 350mAh Kandy Pen.

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