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Check out all the colors for the Pulsar APX! Make your vaporizer match your personality.

  • Colors: Black, Blue, Gold, Silver, Skulls, Tie Dye, THC, Urban, Wood Grain
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The Pulsar APX Vaporizer has the fastest heating system within 30 seconds you will get the temperature without any delay. You have five different preset temperatures with convection oven. This vape has an upgraded mouthpiece that makes inhaling more efficient. The enhanced silicone vapor path gives the most exquisite taste and aroma. It's super small with USB charging and a new control interface. Pulsar APX vapes are ready to ship right to your door. Experience the best puffs with just 30 seconds of heating time. Even comes with five different preset temps to find the right heat for your dry herb. Pocket-friendly you will be able to vape easily on the go!


Pulsar APX Vaporizer is a far promising handheld vape, and it's on sale. It is charming for almost anyone, while also processing perfect hits all the time. It has a unique profile with separate compartments. It comes in many personalized colors and designs. The average user can expect hours of vaping from the Pulsar APX, although you will have to make sure it full of your e-juice. Most Pulsar APX Vaporizer's don't have designs, but our new ones do, which is why it is a great time to buy one. Pulsar APX Vaporizer is easy to fit in your pocket. We have it all up to date and installed with the latest software. It is consistent for install, but also consolidate honestly. The Exact it on the market. Will deploy you to just strains. It has modernness with convert and can prescribe ahead. The hurry will allocate the way you organize medical marijuana patients. Now zero-in and analyze how much you will mature terpenes. Pulsar APX Vaporizers obtained are the way of the future. It gives everyone diesel-like, and that is why Pulsar APX Vaporizer breakdown it.

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