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Check out the greatest attachments for the Prism Vaporizer. Get awesome hits with the ceramic coil every time you take a puff.

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Prism Coilless Ceramic Atomizer

We have all been in situations where we wanted to take a relaxing puff from your vaporizers but got treated with the taste of burnt coil instead. For everyone who's been in this situation know how annoying this can be.

With all the technological advancements happening all around the world, this is a very petty problem to have. But after countless hours of research, the good folks at Kandy Pens made a magnificent breakthrough and blessed us with their awesome Prism Ceramic Coil-less Atomizers!

Prism ceramic coil-less atomizers consist of a bunch of donut-shaped ceramic heating plates. The plates are placed underneath a dish-like structure. When you turn on the vaporizer, the ceramic plate’s heat up the dish, and the dish heats up the juices and you get your clouds.

The process is simple and efficient. Just imagine this, for as long as you vape using this atomizer, you never have to worry about changing coils ever again. If you're always burning coils and make a mess while changing them, this is by far the best attachment you can get for your vaporizer.

Manufacturing Quality

The raw materials used to design and finalize a product tell us a lot about its build quality and durability. When a product is made with good raw materials, it has an amazing finish and you know that this product is going to rule the markets! With that in mind, the people at Kandy Pens left no expense when building this amazing product.

The Prism coil-less ceramic atomizer has a unique Coil-less design and is made from the finest medical-grade materials out there. The ceramic plates are designed so flawlessly that that with every press of the button, the plates heat up at an even temperature making every puff better than the last one.

On top of the mouth-piece is designed to be completely leak-proof, so whenever and wherever you take it out for drag, there is absolutely no chance of making a mess! It comes in both black and white shades, so whatever color your mods are, they got you covered!

Taste is one of the most important aspects when it comes to choosing a new atomizer. There are various different flavors and types of juices available in the market some of which are very rare and expensive while others are widely available.

But buying expensive juices goes to waste if your atomizer isn't up for the job. Coiled atomizers have a very high temperature and sometimes burn the juices when heating them. The coils are literally soaking in the juice so when you take a drag, you can sometimes taste the coils themselves! This is a very terrible experience and if you are using a very exclusive juice, you might even be enraged.

But worry not; the prism coilless ceramic atomizers are way ahead of this problem. The coil-less atomizers heat up less compared to the coils and the juices are not in direct contact with the heating plates. So when you turn on your vaporizer the ceramic plates heat up evenly and perfectly and vaporize the juices in such a way that you get the maximum taste out of your juices and get your money's worth.

Vape juices cost a lot of money and if you knew how much of it is wasted daily, it would freak you out! In traditional coiled atomizers, only the juices around the coils heat up, which means all the juices around the walls of the chamber, are completely wasted!

But that is not the case when it comes to the Prism coil-less atomizers. When you take a drag, the plates heat up the juices evenly at all corners. As a result, not even a single drop of precious juice is wasted and your juice bottle lasts even longer although usage is the same. That’s like killing two birds with a stone.


You can get a whole set up at a cheap price of just $34.95! Inside the box, you get a Kandy Pens prism and an atomizer with it. Plus you get free shipping as they offer you free shipping on any order above $25. That's a pretty generous deal if you ask me.

The prism coil-less ceramic atomizers is an amazing attachment to have for your day-to-day vaping needs. They are very cost-efficient, technologically advanced, and magnificently designed. Like all things in the world they too have their pros and cons. If you love to lead a hassle-free, simple life, this is an amazing gadget for you. So why wait? Get online and grab one of these and never worry about changing a single piece of coil ever again!

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