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The pax 3 is one of our biggest selling dry herb vaporizers.  This is a top of the line vape and even has mobile app controls.

  • Colors: Black Silver Teal Rose Gold
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  • Safety First Designs
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The PAX 3 Vaporizer brings all the accessories you want for vaping in a single kit. The polished anodized aluminum enhances its working. It has a rapid 15 Sec heating efficiency with four heat modes and temperatures. The stronger 3500mAh battery lasts for long and provides vibration notifications. It is designed with medical grade materials that are compatible with wax and herbs.  Buy this pax 3 vapes if you want the top of the line everything. The pax 3 comes with everything you could ever want from heat up time to medical grade materials. Chances are you've already heard about this vaporizer in videos. Pax 3 is worth every penny for some seeking the best of the best. 

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