Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry Herb vapes can be your answer to portable vaping. These dry herb vapes for sale are ready to ship and have come along way from there design to battery life. Nowadays you can experience dry herb vaping like never before. With temperature settings, special heating chambers, and strong long-lasting batteries it's like a whole new world. We house the latest in the vape industry. See names like Kandy Pens here at Smokey The Cloud. If you're looking for sleek and discreet you're in the right place. Before the only way to vape dry herb was with large pieces of equipment that would sit on a table. Now they can fit in your pocket! What is a Dry Herb Vape Pen?

The dry herb vape pen is a portable and affordable cylindrical device that offers a solution to the challenges that smoking brings to the smoker’s health. The device, also known as a vaporizer, is a smoking kit that includes a cleaning brush, packing tool, an operation manual, a troubleshooting section, and a pen. Examples are K-Vape Pro Black Vaporizer and PAX 3 Vaporizer. 

Atmos JumpAtmos Jump
  • Color: Red, Blue, Green, Carbon Black, Carbon Gold
Pulsar APXPulsar APX
  • Color: Black, Blue, Gold, Silver, Skulls, Tie Dye, THC, Urban, Wood Grain
Arizer 2 SoloArizer 2 Solo
  • Color: Black, Blue
DaVinci IQDaVinci IQ
  • Color: Blue, Olive, Gunmetal, Stealth
Magic Flight Box VapeMagic Flight Box Vape
  • Color: Maple, Cherry, Walnut
G Pen ProG Pen Pro
  • Color: Black
Firefly 2 Firefly 2
  • Color: Black, Blue, Gold, White, Red, Jet black
  • Color: Black Silver Teal Rose Gold

Dry Herb Vaporizers For Sale

The dry herb vape pen possesses essential features that make it beneficial to its user. Here is what you need to know. Excellent Quality: It is designed to last for a long time. It is not only stylish, but it is durable and comfortable to carry. It is also pleasing to the eyes. It is built with a carbon fiber body and anodized steel chamber, which is very solid. You can be assured of its exceptional quality.  

Long-Lasting Battery: The device has an average capacity of 1200 mAh battery with a battery-saving function. But it can shut down after 5 minutes of being idle. It can also last up to 40 minutes of continuous use. Single Temperature Setting: This device has a unique temperature setting of about 200C (395F).  This temperature is suitable for vaping. You can easily inhale the vapor from the dry herb. It is not harmful to your lungs.

Owning a dry herb vape pen is beneficial to you. You would be inhaling the vapor and not the smoke. The vaporizer gives you a better taste of the herbs than smoking.  It also helps the herbs to last longer than smoking.

Now that you know the essential features and benefits of a dry herb vape pen, it is crucial to switch from regular smoking to vaporizer. At Smokeythecloud, we sell high-quality vaporizers. Procure your dry herb vape pen today. You can also check up on our website at www. for further inquiries.