In desperate need of a non-stick wax oil container? Look no further, below you will find some of the latest silicone to house your precious extracts. Discreet and easy to fit in your pocket or any other small hiding place. Keep your content fresh and dirt-free. It's not cool when your concentrates get stuck to the side of an average container. This is the main reason silicon containers are so great. You will get every little bit out with no struggle. No goo no problem check out the silicone fingertips to keep your fingers goo-free! Awesome deals and prices await below! So go ahead, scroll down!

Containers For Sale

We all need a safe and hassle-free container for safe-keeping the precious extracts. Extracts will get stuck if you don’t choose a non-sticky container, and that creates multitudes of problems! Is your container getting dirty and sticky quickly? Having trouble enjoying the freshness of your extracts while being bothered with all the sticky dirt? We’ve got you covered!

Our silicone containers will be the perfect solution to all the problems you’re having with storing extracts! Stylish and compact, our containers are sleekly designed as very easy to carry anywhere! Forget about extracts getting stuck as it has a completely non-sticky inner and outer surface. Utilize all of it as you will be able to get every bit out from our silicone-made stylish containers!

Not only this, but we also offer you silicone fingertips to keep your hands getting sticky and gooey! Wanting to keep your vaping experience a fresh, stylish, and enjoyable one? Choose from our silicone containers and fingertips, and get the pitch-perfect quality without going over budget. 

Our products are extremely cost-efficient while maintaining the sheer quality we’re proud to provide you. Detailed specifications of each product are mentioned below, we hope our containers and fingertips be the one-stop solution for safe-keeping your extracts always!