Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry Herb vapes can be your answer to portable vaping. These dry herb vapes for sale are ready to ship and have come along way from there design to battery life. Nowadays you can experience dry herb vaping like never before. With temperature settings, special heating chambers and strong long lasting batteries it's like a whole new world. We house the latest in the vape industry. See names like Kandy Pens here at Smokey The Cloud. If you're looking for sleek and discreet your in the right place. Before the only way to vape dry herb were with large pieces of equipment that would sit on a table. Now they can fit in your pocket!

Atmos JumpAtmos Jump

The Atmos Jump is a long-lasting 1200mAh compact durable carbon fiber vape pen. Easy to use with just one setting.

  • Color: Red, Blue, Green, Carbon Black, Carbon Gold
Da BuddhaDa Buddha

Check out the latest dry herb vaporizer called Da Buddha.  Once you buy one of these desktop vapes you will be quick to notice its strong durable build will last a long time! Get cleaner puffs out of your dry herb like never before.


    The DaVinci vaporizer, now available at discount prices.

      Pulsar APXPulsar APX

      Check out all the colors for the Pulsar APX! Make your vaporizer match your personality.

      • Color: Black, Blue, Gold, Silver, Skulls, Tie Dye, THC, Urban, Wood Grain
      Arizer 2 SoloArizer 2 Solo

      Arizer Solo 2 is a new handheld vape here on Smokey The Cloud. Experience the second installment of the Arizer series.

      • Color: Black, Blue
      DaVinci IQDaVinci IQ

      Looking for the latest DaVinci handheld dry herb vape? Look no farther we have it right here for you.

      • Color: Blue, Olive, Gunmetal, Stealth
      Magic Flight Box VapeMagic Flight Box Vape

      Check out this down to earth dry herb vape. Simple to set up and use!

      • Color: Maple, Cherry, Walnut
      G Pen ProG Pen Pro

      The G pen has come along way since its first model. Now available its the G pen pro.

      • Color: Black
      Firefly 2 Firefly 2

      One of the best portable vaporizers on the market. This bad boy packs some serious tech to bring perfect hits all day.

      • Color: Black, Blue, Gold, White, Red, Jet black
      Digital Volcano VaporizerDigital Volcano Vaporizer

      Get the most out of your vape session with the new Digital Volcano Vaporizer. Also comes with a free carrying case.

      • Color: Silver
      Silver Surfer Desktop VaporizerSilver Surfer Desktop Vaporizer

      In need of a heavy duty vaporizer, you don't mind keeping at home? Then the Silver Surfer is just the dry herb vape you need. Expect a long season on a conservative size of dry herb.

      • Color: Black, Red
      PAX 3PAX 3

      The pax 3 is one of our biggest selling dry herb vaporizers.  This is a top of the line vape and even has mobile app controls.

      • Color: Black Silver Teal Rose Gold