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Below you will find the top rated attachments for your vape pen needs. From mouthpieces to coils you can find it all here at discount prices! Great flavor and big rips await down there. Looking for a container just hover over the drop-down menu. Search quick and easy here at Smokey The Cloud.

Prism MouthpiecePrism Mouthpiece

Get your Prism mouthpiece here at Smokey The Cloud where you can find the best deals! These Prism mouthpieces for sale are ready to ship at a moments notice!

  • Color: Black, White
Prism Coilless Ceramic AtomizerPrism Coilless Ceramic Atomizer

Check out the greatest attachments for the Prism Vaporizer. Get awesome hits with the ceramic coil every time you take a puff.

  • Color: Black, White
Prism Quartz CoilPrism Quartz Coil

Is a quartz coil atomizer more your thing? Quick and even heating is always the best!

  • Color: Black, White
Feather PodFeather Pod

Need a replacement or just want more pods? Either way, you can get Kandy Pen Feather Pods here at Smokey The Cloud.

    Pulsar Elite Mini E-NailPulsar Elite Mini E-Nail

    See the latest attachment for any heavy CBD dabber the Pulsar Elite Mini E-Nail. Having one of these means there is no need for a torch to heat your dab rig banger. Just plug it in and adjust the heat level wait 45 seconds and that's it!

    • Color: Black