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Welcome to Smokey The Cloud home of the best customer reviewed vapes online! Search the latest attachments for the most powerful handheld vapes. You can find devices that fit any vaping needs. From dry herb, e-liquid to wax and oil we house it all. You can even find containers that suit your concentrates. Some Vaporizer stores online just resell random products but here at our store, we make sure every product listed is tested for quality. We have worked hard to gather all the best brands and prices for every type of vaporizer and attachments. Smokey The Cloud is dedicated to connection vape users with the hottest new vape products. Please shop around and leave a review of your favorite vaporizers.

We believe the best shopping experience comes from customer recommendations. Those looking for a discreet way to vape e-liquids will find a nice selection of handheld devices most commonly used by the everyday smoker. When it comes oils and wax vapes it can be really hard to find the right one. One reason for that is the similarity in the shape to other pens that vape only e-liquid, people think it will work for both. That is not the case though the power is about half as strong as a wax/oil vape. We classify each vape specific to its capability so you won't be confused. On top of that, we show you the highest rated products in that category. Looking to buy some of the newest vaporizers that are on the market? We have top name brand vapes ready to be shipped to your door.

What is a Vaporizer

Vaping is the term used to describe consuming different things by heating them up until it becomes vapor. A battery in the vape pen heats up the coils and burns at a extremely high temperature. One of the main reasons why people vape is because it is considered a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco products.

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